2 Vehicle Types That Are Ideal For Your Disaster Plan

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When putting together a disaster plan, you will need to consider what vehicle to purchase in order to pull off your bug out plan. A bug out plan is the part of your disaster preparations that consists of getting yourself and your loved ones to a safe place in order to wait for the disaster to end. Trucks and SUVs are great choices for your bug out vehicle.


Trucks are one of the best choices for a bug out plan because of their durability. Most trucks are built to be as tough as possible because they are often utilizing in industries and for applications that are really hard on them.

For example, you will often see trucks involved in construction and farming activities where the vehicle needs to be able to withstand a lot of punishment. Durability is a major asset in any bug-out vehicle because you may have to take your vehicle off-road in order to reach a safe bug out location, or if you simply need to get around a damaged road or obstacle in the road. 

Trucks are also a great choice because they have a lot of cargo capacity, which is one of the most important features for a bug-out vehicle. The large cargo capacity of a truck will allow you to more easily transport all of the food, water, and other supplies that you will need in order to ride out the disaster.


SUVs should not be overlooked when you are trying to decide which vehicle is most suitable for your disaster plan, mostly because many SUVs have a large amount of passenger space and are capable of going off-road. Off-road capability is very important; you may not always be able to take a paved or decent road when trying to evacuate during a disaster, and off-road capability will allow you to bypass roads entirely, or allow you to navigate unpaved roads and trails without having to worry about getting stuck. 

Passenger space is also a very important feature for a bug-out vehicle, as it can allow you to get more loved ones to safety. A nice added bonus is that any space that is not taken up by a passenger can be used to store supplies. The nice part about storing supplies in your SUV is that they will be safe from the elements and the prying eyes of potential thieves.

Visit your local auto dealer in order to view the wide range of trucks and SUVs that would make fantastic additions to your disaster plan. A truck is beneficial due to its cargo space and durability, while an SUV is ideal due to its large amount of passenger space and off-road capability. If you're looking to buy a used car, bug out or otherwise, visit a car dealership in Lethbridge.